Skateboarding Camps

Skateboarding Camps

Ages 8-16

Our Skate Camp provides a skater the experience of riding a variety of ramps and street obstacles from 3’ to 13’ tall in a nationally recognized skateboard program that is a pioneer in skateboard instruction and design. All of our programs are grounded in exclusive skateboard curricula. The level of instruction and supervision varies with the specific program. These camps are a great introduction for the first-time skater as well as the advanced skater. Campers ride with skaters their own age while learning new tricks, and meet local sponsored and pro skateboarders that visit camp and do demos.


Our Camps

We offer two summer camps: One Week Skateboarding Camp, and One Week Elite Skateboarding camp. The Elite camp is for experienced riders. Please click on a camp name for more information on that camp. Starting in 2016 both of these camps are full-day only. There is no half-day option for Skate Camp.

Skateboard Camp Elite Skateboarding Camp



Our expert instructors have over 15 years of skating experience with over eleven years teaching youth skateboarding and snowboarding. They are part of our staff training program, most are certified in First Aid and CPR, and have been fingerprinted and have gone through a background check. Responsible skating is stressed in every lesson.



Participants must bring their own skateboard, helmet, knee, & elbow pads. Equipment must fit properly and be of good quality for the camper to skate in our programs. Due to our rigorous safety standards and instructional content, skaters will not be allowed to skate with the low-cost boards and pads typically found at toy stores or other large general merchandise retailers.


Other Skateboarding Programs

We also offer skateboarding lessons – learn in a one-on-one situation with our highly qualified teaching staff. For more information, please click below.

Skateboarding Lessons