Social Skills Camp

Social Skills Camp

Blue Camp, located on the U C Berkeley Campus, has one-of-a-kind social skills camps for children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and children with similar social skills deficits. There is an application for the program to ensure the best fit between the camper’s needs and program structure. These programs are not designed for children who need one-to-one assistance or have significant non-compliant or aggressive behavior.

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for children to learn social skills through participation in sports and recreational activities. Specific focus is places on making and maintaining friendships and the culture of winning and losing in sports and games.


Camps for Elementary Students & Teens

We offer two Social Skills Camps: one for elementary ages students (entering grades 4-8), and one for teenagers (entering grades 9-13). Please click on a camp name for more information on that camp.

Elementary Camp Teen Camp


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Dr. Jennifer H. Selke is the co-director of Strawberry Canyon Youth Programs and creator of the social skills camps. She works on-site to supervise the social skills staff team. Dr. Selke is a Licensed Educational Psychologist, on the faculty in the Graduate School of Education.

Staff are recruited from university graduate programs in education and psychology as well as from existing camp staff. We also have a high school support team. Our highest priority is finding staff that understand this population and have a drive to help them learn to integrate, make friends, and have fun.