Social Skills Camp Featured on Berkeley News Center

Blue Camp Gains Recognition

UC Berkeley’s Department of Recreational Sports was recently featured on the UC Berkeley News Center, highlighting a social skills program that aids children living with developmental disorders. Jennifer Selke, director of youth camps, created the Social Skills Program at Blue Camp in 2003, aiming to integrate “typical” and “nontypical” children together in order to foster the social skills of the “nontypical” children.
The camp has been outstanding in creating a nurturing yet stimulating environment for children ages 9 to 13. Campers are split up into small groups with a group leader for specialized support. Activities include soccer, archery, dance, theater, and much more. Blue Camp has been an incredible success and continues to help many children thrive.
For more information, see the article attached below.
“Summer Camp Targets Youths’ Social Skills”

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