Welcome to Golden Bear Gymnastics! Whether your child is 18 months or 18 years, we have a program for you. Gymnastics is a great way to build physical strength and confidence.

Note the recreational class closures:
Saturday, December 24th – Sunday, January 1st, 2017 for Winter Break
Competitive Team Program

The competitive team program gives gymnasts the opportunity to develop self-image, physical and mental strength, and attain goals through competitive gymnastics.

Year Round Classes

We offer classes for children of all ages and skill levels; from those just entering the sport to those looking to attain the skills of a competitive gymnast.

Gymnastics Parties

Party goers will tumble, bounce, swing and roll to a good time in our gymnastics room at the Golden Bear Recreational Center. We’ll provide coaches and will also set up tables and chairs in an adjacent room; you provide cake, utensils, and party favors.

Parents Night Out

Hey parents, drop your children off for 4 hours of fun! The night will include food, fun, games, and lots of gymnastics! No experience is required.

Cub Camp

Drop your kids off in the morning for hours of gymnastics, crafts, and friends! We’ll make sure they have fun while you get some free time!

Drop-In Classes

Can’t commit to a regular schedule? You don’t have to! Try our drop-in classes today.

Private Lessons

Get one-on-one attention from your coach as you work on skills and events that need improving!


Payment Info
  • Golden Bear Gymnastics requires payment of fees through our automatic charge program. Charges to your credit card will be posted during the first week of the month. Charges will continue until you have notified GOLDEN BEAR in writing (via email) that you wish to discontinue your participation in our program. Please give us 24 hours notice. To cancel, send an email to us at:
  • If you have a new card, or your card is out of date click here to update your account. Purchase the item for $1 (it will be refunded) and then contact to notify them. If you have any problems email or call Leesa at 510-643-8023.
  • Golden Bear has a “no-make up policy” due to limited space and high demand. When purchasing your Golden Bear subscription you are reserving a spot in the class. At Golden Bear we want to make sure that your child is receiving the best class experience possible, which means preserving our coach to student ratios.
  • To receive the Family Discount for the 2nd and/or 3rd child, enter the following Coupon Code to your cart when you check out: LLCLCG. Note: only 1 Coupon Code can be used at a time when you check out and the Family Discount does not apply when you are purchasing 2 classes.
  • Registration is online only. Use the “registration” link in the table above.